Our Mission

The Game Room’s purpose is to provide a place that reminds us that the world can be a playground to create and enjoy. Our philosophy is to have a neutral space in the community for all to come together, without discrimination, and with equal consideration for everyone. We strive to make our services affordable for all demographics to have a place of value. Our business is structured like a “sandbox”, where the community can come together to play and interact. Our amenities are easily rearranged to accommodate a wide variety of events such as parties, weddings, craft fairs, concerts, game nights, fundraisers, and other private or community events.


We have the honor and privilege to provide a space to showcase original artists and musicians of all backgrounds, where they can share their passions without judgment. We believe in putting people first, without condition, or expectations to fit into the single box of what is popular. We want your alternative art, original music, niche games, and events you can’t get support with anywhere else. The community needs a place where people can feel supported and we will provide that with the best of our team’s abilities.